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Geovision's Digital Surveillance Series has been designed with the user in mind. Based around PC Based technology Geovision's Surveillance System can be used on up to 16 cameras. The Multicam system, from Geovision, uses built-in motion detect technology and can be set to record only moving objects. The Geovision systems then stores these with a date and time stamp. These CCTV images are compressed onto the PC's Hard Disk. Geovision CCTV images can then be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.
GeoVision Features
New Feature Highlights
Unattended and missing object detection
You may set the system so that when an object is left unattended for a set period of time at the surveillance scene, the system immediately sends alerts to proper authorities for prompt action. Another function offered by this feature is Missing Objection Detection - when an object is missing from the surveillance scene for a set period of time, the system also sends out alerts.


Windows Lockup
Secure your PC while away from workstation. You may lock up the Windows Desktop by launching a customized GV-Desktop, under which operators are limited to run only GV-systems and the selected programs. When your PC is applied to this feature, the keyboard loses its control to Windows. For example, the function such as Ctrl+Alt+Del is disabled.

Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions

Object tracking and zooming
The PTZ dome automatically tracks and zooms in on an object until it leaves the surveillance scene. (Note: This feature requires one stationary camera and one PTZ dome equipped with auto tracking feature).

E-map displays the monitoring area on an electronic map, where operators can easily locate cameras, sensors and alarms. The e-map may be set to pop up with flashing icons, indicating a camera or an I/O device is being triggered.

Object Index
You may quickly find a desired video file at a glance! Compared to previous version where you may try your luck guessing on a date to spot a specific event, you may now glance at frames of each video file and quickly play the event you want.

Image size indicator
The size of image may be effected due to different settings for video attributes (brightness, contrast, etc.).

- Option for recycling the input-triggered events (Never recycle function)
Backlight compensation
You may now apply backlight compensation in ViewLog, in order to compensate dark images resulting from backlight.

Export a video footage within a specified time range
In the new version of ViewLog, you can export a specified time frame within a video stream by dragging the time lines to assign the starting and ending time.

Object Search
The Object Search allows you to specify a zone on an image and perform a search based on any motion, missing object, or unattended object events occurred within that zone. It can also perform the same counting function as the Counter in Main System.

IR Remote Control
Use IR Remote Control to operate frequently used operations, such as recording and playback, in Main system and ViewLog.

Major Features
- 640 X 480 recording and display resolution
- Mpeg 4 / Wavelet compression technology
- Alarm to E-mail (Jpeg or text message)
- Embedded I/O devices control
- Embedded PTZ control panel
- PTZ dome to a preset position on alarm activation
- Samsung SCC-641 / 643 PTZ dome support
- Build-in web server
- Digital watermark authentication
- Multi level passwords protection
- Screen pop-up on motion or alarm activation
- Support dynamic IP address
- Video lost detection
- On screen video lost message
- Video de-interlace filter
- Video auto gain controller
- Video scaling filter
- Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another GV-System
- AVI repair utility
- Object counting
- Object search
- Thumbnail search
- Index search
- System log
- Twin DVR
- Dynamic DNS support
- Managing multiple servers in a WebCam
- Point of Sale (POS) Integration
- Geo MPEG4
- Remote access log database over WebCam

Recording Mode
- Motion detection recording
- Round-the-clock recording
- Schedule recording
- Day-Night recording mode
- Pre alarm and post alarm recording
- Pre motion and post motion recording
Monitor Viewing
- Independent video brightness and contrast control
- Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera
- Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment

Camera Configuration
- Independent video brightness and contrast control
- Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera
- Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment
Remote Monitoring Software
- Remote View
- IP Multicast
- WebCam
- Remote Playback system
- G-View for Win CE PDA
- i-Mode

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